The Funky Topaz is in a two bedroom house, built  in the late 1800s.  filled with fun, vintage oddities and curiosities. If you find anything that hasn't been tasseled, dingo-balled, or fringed, please call our hotline and we'll get right on it.  You may want to purchase some funkiness while  you're there. If so, please call 512-476-9706 to see if the desired item is for sale.
As the name implies, we don't take ourselves too seriously but we
do care very much about your comfort and hope you will enjoy yourselves during your stay with us.  We have 100% cotton sheets, a tv for playing dvds or videos and always, free books.  You will have the  entire house to yourselves.  No having to be up at a certain hour to have breakfast with strangers.  There are three porches so you can lounge all over the place.
Mason is the only place in Texas where Topaz is found and there are places where you can spend the day hunting for it; for a nominal fee. Topaz has always been viewed as a powerful gemstone and a talisman against bad omens. Egyptians believed it was the stone of the Sun God, Ra. The Romans also associated Topaz with the sun and their deity, Jupiter. Yellow Topaz is reputed to be an all around good luck stone, providing social, physical, and mental benefits to its wearers. Supposedly, Topaz bestows clear vision; in addition to protecting against accidents and sickness. In times of dire need or emergency, Topaz was said to grant its wearer the power of invisibility. Topaz aids in creativity, focusing the mind and allowing the artistic spirit to roam freely. Depending on the cycle of the moon, Topaz was also said to cure numerous different diseases and ailments. Topazes were  even said to change color in the presence of poisoned food!
Mason is a wonderful get away spot that is often referred to as Mayberry RFD, by the people who live here.  It is quiet, simple, sweet, unpretentious and a beautiful drive from either Austin or San Antonio. It is in the wine country and has its own winery, Sandstone Cellars.  My favorite place to eat is Santos Taqueria, owned by the same family as Sandstone Cellars.  Click here for the Mason Chamber Commerce for other Mason, Texas features.